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  • Strategy report: Israel s diplomacy has been under siege and needs a breakthrough!

    Israel s diplomacy has been besieged by the Communist Party and the Democratic Party and needs a breakthrough! I. Cause: Since the war between Israel and Palestine in May of this year, although Israel has won a transcendent victory in the war, its domestic politics and diplomacy have faced the attack of the Chinese Communist Party and the U.S. Democratic Party. Therefore, Israeli President Netanyahu was attacked by the Chinese Communist Party and the U.S. Democratic Party. The coup of internal political forces was overthrown, and the president of Israel also encountered a crisis of re-election. All this shows that Israel’s internal affairs and foreign affairs are facing a very big crisis, and the new leadership (the president and the prime minister) are not yet familiar with the international community. The Democratic Party will retaliate more wildly, and Israel needs to take measures to deal with it! II. Internal Affairs and Diplomacy Former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and former President Ruben Rivlin are very familiar with international politics. During their tenure, Israel’s diplomacy has jumped from a low to a peak, that is, Jerusalem has become the world’s The focus is that all countries around the world are paying attention to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, and admiring Israel’s faith, diplomacy, and innovation. This scene was suddenly broken by the recent change of the Israeli leadership. In the past few days, the Chinese Communist Party’s agent, the US District Governor, Biden, is even more so. Using economic warfare to deal with Israel, an ice cream company dared to protest against the Israeli government and suddenly interrupted cooperation with Israeli agents. To what extent has it bullied Israel! Obviously, the Democratic Party of the United States and the Communist Party of China have affected the political situation in Israel, and Israel is also facing a situation of domestic and foreign difficulties. All of this is because the Israeli political party has been fooled by the Democratic Party and the Communist Party. The Israeli party should not have a coup at this time and overthrow it. Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Ruben Rivlin! The new Israeli Prime Minister Bennett and the new President Isaac Herzog faced an unprecedented crisis. They took a piece of hot potato. In terms of internal affairs, they had to continue with Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Ruben Rivlin. In terms of diplomacy, it is difficult to improve their nationality reputation in a short time. In addition to the constant Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, they have to continue to face them. In addition, the two evil forces of the Communist Party of China and the U.S. Democratic Party are pushing forward. dilemma! This is the trick of the Chinese Communist Party and the US Democratic Party to encircle Wei and save Zhao, so as to transfer the pressure of the Chinese Communist Party at home and abroad! III. Breakthrough Seeing the current dilemma that Israel is facing, I can’t ignore it. The faith system and I, Liu Xiangyong, want to help Israel solve their current dilemma. They are: . Israel needs to strengthen diplomatic and strategic cooperation with NATO, the European Union, Russia and Brazil. To stop the intervention of the U.S. Democratic Party and the Chinese Communist Party, it is best to hold more international events and strengthen joint military exercises to shock the Communist Party and the Democratic Party’s puppet groups Iran and Palestine! . All political parties in Israel must act to clean up the party, reject the invasion and corruption of the Communist Party and the Democratic Party, strengthen the beliefs and cultural values of Israel, and operate independently. Many interferences from the Communist Party of China and the Democratic Party of the United States can be avoided. Resist the habit of the Communist Party and the Democratic Party! . If Israel wants to regain its international reputation, it must attach importance to faith diplomacy and Christian media conferences. Only faith diplomacy is an unbreakable relationship. Benefit diplomacy can only deceive each other! Summary: Blessing Israel, blessing Jerusalem, and wishing the new prime minister and new president of Israel can see through these international crises and revitalize Israel s glory! Israel Strategic Research Office, Faith System Liu Xiangyong July 27, 2021 (Translated by translation software, the specific Chinese version shall prevail)

  • Excerpt from PM Bennett's Remarks at the National Defense College Graduation Ceremony

    photo credit: Haim Zach (GPO) Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, today (Wednesday, 14 July 2021), addressed the National Defense College graduation ceremony, at the Dayan base at Glilot. Following is an excerpt from his remarks: "The security threats around us are changing form. They are much more complex and much less expected. Against them we operate wherever and whenever necessary, with sophistication, creativity, determination and stratagems. The latter is the basis of operations, and not a garnish. Our wonderful people, with and without uniforms, are active around the clock in all arenas, near and far, and not just with sheer strength. We will continue this way. We will not allow any country or terrorist organization to threaten the security, sovereignty or citizens of Israel. This week marked 15 years since the Second Lebanon War. This was a war that exposed more than a few problems and gaps on our part. I experienced some of them first hand as the commander of a reserve unit that operated in a very forward position. Like everyone, I saw the confusion, the helplessness, and the absence of directives, a clear line and a clear spirit. Today, the IDF under the command of Chief-of-Staff Aviv Kochavi, is in a completely different place in terms of offering a response, in terms of readiness, and in terms of the blows that we will strike our enemies with if that is what is required of us. Gentlemen, these are difficult days on the other side of our northern border. Lebanon is on the verge of collapse; I would say that it is already collapsing like all the other countries that Iran has taken over and is basing itself in. Everything that Iran touches is destroyed. This time it is the citizens of Lebanon who are paying the price. Hezbollah, as Iran's proxy, is endangering the citizens of Lebanon and their future. The citizens of Lebanon are not the enemy. In effect, we and the citizens of Lebanon have a common enemy – Hezbollah and Iran. There is only one difference: We have all the tools and the capabilities to deal with this enemy. We are continuing to monitor all those who act against us. We are ready for any scenario. This is true about the Gaza Strip as well, regarding which we are implementing a different policy with both carrots and sticks. This is true in all of our arenas that would do well to remain quiet."

  • PM Bennett Meets with National Defense College Cadets

    Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, (Tuesday, 13 July 2021), at the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem, met with cadets of the National Defense College under the command of Maj.-Gen. Itay Virov. The Prime Minister explained to them his security outlook and answered the cadets' questions on various issues. Attached photo credit: Haim Zach (GPO) Prime Minister Bennett noted that he believes that the State of Israel needs to be a beacon in a very harsh environment and said: "The Jewish people and the Jewish state have an underlying basis and that is the eternity of Israel, the existence of the State of Israel. But this is not enough; the constant aspiration is to be an exemplary nation. The wisdom is to be an exemplary nation in such an environment, which is perhaps the harshest environment in the world, with neighbors such as Hezbollah and Iranian militias facing Syria, Islamic State facing Sinai and, for dessert, Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza, and they all want to destroy us." Prime Minister Bennett also pointed out that he very much appreciates the fighting spirit of the IDF and the security agencies, and said: "There is deep faith in the justice of the path, in our right to be here. Each one of you chooses to dedicate their life, at great sacrifice, and at times entailing tangible risk to life or at the cost of one's family life. I can only say thank-you. This moves me every time; I very much appreciate your work."

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  • 以色列|以色列介紹-關於以色列|以色列新聞台-即時以色列

    以色列雲端 新聞 反恐 抵制反猶 外交 軍事 內政 創新 生活 信仰 電視 電影 圖片 音樂 討論區 简体 English 新聞庫 More 2015年左右,環球新聞中心開發了以色列新聞網絡-環球新聞電視網(現在發展成為三個國際媒體品牌,其中一個是INN NEWS以色列新聞網),有朋友一聽說要搞以色列媒體就勸劉祥永先生,意思是以色列的屬靈爭戰很大(其實當時以色列屬靈與以色列局勢都挺緊張的,因為時任美國總統奧巴馬邊緣以色列,以色列對外關係比較難堪,特朗普總統上台後以色列對外關係才開始改觀),環球新聞中心在別人的取笑聲中與低看點的環境中堅持創辦了以色列網絡新聞媒體,在低看點與低點擊率中進入新的發展里程! Honor榮譽 2018 + 2018年5月份環球新聞中心創始人劉祥永先生參加了2018年以色列荷茲利亞國際戰略會議,以色列總統總統魯文(Ruvi)里夫林、以色列國防部長、總參謀長、經濟部長與教育部長出席了此次會議,並且在會議中做出演講! 以色列總統總統魯文(Ruvi)里夫林在會議中演講 劉祥永先生與IDC荷茲利亞戰略和年度主席IDF將軍Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Gilead 先生合影 劉祥永先生與以色列國防軍前南方司令部總司令Yom Tov Samia將軍合影 2016 + From September to October 2016, Mr. Liu Xiang Yong, founder of Global Information Center, visited the State of Israel and was interviewed by Israeli cultural authorities. At the Israeli parliament, 2016年9月至10月份,環球新聞中心創辦人劉祥永先生訪問以色列國,受到以色列文化部門領導的接見, Israel s Parliament Mr. Liu Xiang Yong 2016 in the Israeli Parliament劉祥永先生2016年在以色列國會 he participated in the memory of former Israeli President Ximeng Perez他在以色列國會參加以色列前總統西門佩雷斯的追思活動 International Activities 國際活動 Mr. Liu Xiang Yong attended the first international media conference in Israel in September 2016 and accepted the Israeli media s visit to exchange and study with nearly 300 cultural media experts from around the world 劉祥永先生於2016年9月份參加以色列首屆國際媒體大會,並且接受以色列媒體的訪問,與來自全球近300名文化傳媒界專家進行交流與學習 首頁 ​環球新聞中心 媒體品牌 環球新聞台 新生電視 ​靈果百科

  • 以色列-即時新聞-耶路撒冷消息|以色列新聞台

    音樂 Music This is the music created by Mr. Liu Xiangyong. It is music created under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. You are welcome to listen to it!

  • 以色列-即時新聞-耶路撒冷消息|以色列新聞台

    電影 Israel Cloud 5月 11 1 分鐘 THE GOSPEL OF JOHN The LUMO version of The Gospel of John is a word-for-word portrayal of the biblical text. This profound film sheds new light on one of... 2 0 未被按讚的文章

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