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Strategy report: Israel s diplomacy has been under siege and needs a breakthrough!

Israel s diplomacy has been besieged by the Communist Party and the Democratic Party and needs a breakthrough!

I. Cause:

Since the war between Israel and Palestine in May of this year, although Israel has won a transcendent victory in the war, its domestic politics and diplomacy have faced the attack of the Chinese Communist Party and the U.S. Democratic Party. Therefore, Israeli President Netanyahu was attacked by the Chinese Communist Party and the U.S. Democratic Party. The coup of internal political forces was overthrown, and the president of Israel also encountered a crisis of re-election. All this shows that Israel’s internal affairs and foreign affairs are facing a very big crisis, and the new leadership (the president and the prime minister) are not yet familiar with the international community. The Democratic Party will retaliate more wildly, and Israel needs to take measures to deal with it!

II. Internal Affairs and Diplomacy

Former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and former President Ruben Rivlin are very familiar with international politics. During their tenure, Israel’s diplomacy has jumped from a low to a peak, that is, Jerusalem has become the world’s The focus is that all countries around the world are paying attention to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, and admiring Israel’s faith, diplomacy, and innovation. This scene was suddenly broken by the recent change of the Israeli leadership. In the past few days, the Chinese Communist Party’s agent, the US District Governor, Biden, is even more so. Using economic warfare to deal with Israel, an ice cream company dared to protest against the Israeli government and suddenly interrupted cooperation with Israeli agents. To what extent has it bullied Israel! Obviously, the Democratic Party of the United States and the Communist Party of China have affected the political situation in Israel, and Israel is also facing a situation of domestic and foreign difficulties. All of this is because the Israeli political party has been fooled by the Democratic Party and the Communist Party. The Israeli party should not have a coup at this time and overthrow it. Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Ruben Rivlin! The new Israeli Prime Minister Bennett and the new President Isaac Herzog faced an unprecedented crisis. They took a piece of hot potato. In terms of internal affairs, they had to continue with Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Ruben Rivlin. In terms of diplomacy, it is difficult to improve their nationality reputation in a short time. In addition to the constant Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, they have to continue to face them. In addition, the two evil forces of the Communist Party of China and the U.S. Democratic Party are pushing forward. dilemma! This is the trick of the Chinese Communist Party and the US Democratic Party to encircle Wei and save Zhao, so as to transfer the pressure of the Chinese Communist Party at home and abroad!

III. Breakthrough

Seeing the current dilemma that Israel is facing, I can’t ignore it. The faith system and I, Liu Xiangyong, want to help Israel solve their current dilemma. They are: . Israel needs to strengthen diplomatic and strategic cooperation with NATO, the European Union, Russia and Brazil. To stop the intervention of the U.S. Democratic Party and the Chinese Communist Party, it is best to hold more international events and strengthen joint military exercises to shock the Communist Party and the Democratic Party’s puppet groups Iran and Palestine! . All political parties in Israel must act to clean up the party, reject the invasion and corruption of the Communist Party and the Democratic Party, strengthen the beliefs and cultural values of Israel, and operate independently. Many interferences from the Communist Party of China and the Democratic Party of the United States can be avoided. Resist the habit of the Communist Party and the Democratic Party! . If Israel wants to regain its international reputation, it must attach importance to faith diplomacy and Christian media conferences. Only faith diplomacy is an unbreakable relationship. Benefit diplomacy can only deceive each other! Summary: Blessing Israel, blessing Jerusalem, and wishing the new prime minister and new president of Israel can see through these international crises and revitalize Israel s glory!

Israel Strategic Research Office,

Faith System

Liu Xiangyong

July 27, 2021

(Translated by translation software, the specific Chinese version shall prevail)

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