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Excerpt from PM Bennett's Remarks at the National Defense College Graduation Ceremony

photo credit: Haim Zach (GPO)

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, today (Wednesday, 14 July 2021), addressed the National Defense College graduation ceremony, at the Dayan base at Glilot. Following is an excerpt from his remarks:

"The security threats around us are changing form. They are much more complex and much less expected. Against them we operate wherever and whenever necessary, with sophistication, creativity, determination and stratagems. The latter is the basis of operations, and not a garnish.

Our wonderful people, with and without uniforms, are active around the clock in all arenas, near and far, and not just with sheer strength. We will continue this way. We will not allow any country or terrorist organization to threaten the security, sovereignty or citizens of Israel.

This week marked 15 years since the Second Lebanon War. This was a war that exposed more than a few problems and gaps on our part. I experienced some of them first hand as the commander of a reserve unit that operated in a very forward position. Like everyone, I saw the confusion, the helplessness, and the absence of directives, a clear line and a clear spirit.

Today, the IDF under the command of Chief-of-Staff Aviv Kochavi, is in a completely different place in terms of offering a response, in terms of readiness, and in terms of the blows that we will strike our enemies with if that is what is required of us.

Gentlemen, these are difficult days on the other side of our northern border. Lebanon is on the verge of collapse; I would say that it is already collapsing like all the other countries that Iran has taken over and is basing itself in. Everything that Iran touches is destroyed. This time it is the citizens of Lebanon who are paying the price. Hezbollah, as Iran's proxy, is endangering the citizens of Lebanon and their future. The citizens of Lebanon are not the enemy. In effect, we and the citizens of Lebanon have a common enemy – Hezbollah and Iran. There is only one difference: We have all the tools and the capabilities to deal with this enemy.

We are continuing to monitor all those who act against us. We are ready for any scenario. This is true about the Gaza Strip as well, regarding which we are implementing a different policy with both carrots and sticks. This is true in all of our arenas that would do well to remain quiet."

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