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Latest - Hamas and Islamic Jihad fire 480 missiles from Gaza Strip at Israeli

IDF Strikes Many Terror Targets Throughout Gaza Strip

I. The overall situation:

Israel was attacked by 480 missiles from Hamas and Islamic organizations

This is the largest missile campaign launched by Hamas and Islamic Jihad against Israel in recent years, and Israel was suddenly attacked by them, this time Hamas and Islamic Jihad missile attacks against Israel are not only intensive, but also consecutive attacks for several days, this time their attack against Israel is a very bad event!

Above is a graph of the frequency of attacks on Israel by Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror groups

22:57 - In recent hours, the IDF has attacked numerous terrorist targets throughout the Gaza Strip, including high-rise buildings used for military research and development and the Hamas military intelligence bureau.

  • 19:33 - Since this hour of the operation, approximately 480 missile launches by Hamas and Islamic Jihad from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory have been identified, as well as approximately 150 failed launches in the Gaza Strip. Israeli air defense fighters intercepted about 200 launches.

18:36 - The IDF carried out an unconventional attack in the northern Gaza Strip, in which about 80 fighter jets, including eight powerful F-35s, took part, and all the launching sites in Hamas Camp in the northern Gaza Strip were attacked. IDF spokesman Brig. Gen. Hedi Zilberman said, "These are about 150 targets and weapons in the rocket launch system, destroying 50-70 launch pits that had been buried in the ground in recent years."

An IDF spokesman said, "This means the complete elimination of three battalions in the northern Gaza Strip that do not have any rocket launching capability and will severely damage the ability of the entire fire system of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip!

II. Analysis of the results.

The IDF killed more than 20 senior military commanders of Islamic Jihad and Hamas