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Israel's counter-attack war against Hamas reported in real time 2021.05.14

Israel's "Guardians of the Wall" campaign uses 160 fighter planes, 450 tank weapons and more than 50 artillery shells to protect Israel!

12:31 - An aircraft attacked a group of Hamas operatives in the northern Gaza Strip, while it was preparing to launch rockets into the center of the country.

10:49 - Aircraft attacked Hamas observation posts in the north and center of the Gaza Strip.

10:32 - Fighter jets and aircraft attacked Hamas underground launch positions in the northern Gaza Strip as well as a launcher position of aircraft aimed at the center of the country.

10:25 - Air Defense fighters intercepted an unmanned aircraft that crossed from the Gaza Strip to the State of Israel. The Air Force was monitoring the vessel until it was shot down.

08:32 - As of 19:00 last night (as of 7:00), about 190 launches have been identified from the Gaza Strip to Israeli territory. About 30 fell in the Gaza Strip. Air defense fighters intercepted dozens of rockets according to the interception policy.

06:54 - During the night, the IDF attacked the Hamas "metro" - over 160 IAF fighter jets from 12 different squadrons attacked about 150 targets in underground infrastructure in the northern Gaza Strip. In parallel with the air force attacks, infantry, artillery and armored forces deployed along the border fired hundreds of artillery shells and dozens of tank shells at targets in the Strip.

"The target of the massive fire was severe damage to the underground - the 'metro' under Gaza City and its neighborhoods. It is too early to say what the results will be, but there are damage to many kilometers of tunnels in various areas, which are a strategic asset of Hamas," the IDF spokesman said. , Brigadier General Hedi Zilberman.

"Such an operation, which requires joint work and synchronization between fighter jets, UAVs, tanks, tigers and artillery, requires in-depth and long-term planning, and is based on large-scale intelligence and cooperation," the