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Israel's counter-attack against Hamas reported in real time 2021.05.15

04:36 - Aircraft attacked a number of TMS launchers and two Hamas terrorist squads in the Gaza Strip. The attacks were carried out through the rapid closing of a circle, lethal fire capability and accurate intelligence of the Gaza Division.

  • 04:23 - Aircraft attacks a number of Hamas rocket launchers in Khan Yunis and Gaza City.

  • 02:29 - Fighter jets and aircraft attacked rocket launchers and other underground launchers of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

  • 01:04 - Fighter jets and aircraft attacked three Hamas underground launch sites in the northern Gaza

Attack on underground launch sites


00:24 - An aircraft attacked the operational office of the head of Hamas security forces in Ramel, Tawfiq Abu Naim, who served as a military infrastructure to conduct the fighting.

Attack on military infrastructure


23:33 - A fighter jet and aircraft attacked two operational apartments that constituted Hamas' weapons depots.

Attack on weapons depots