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IDF Strikes About 130 Terrorist Targets, Defeats 15 Hamas Agents

(2021年5月10)06:24-As part of Operation Wall, the IDF attacked more than 130 terrorist targets in multiple night raids, as terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip intensified.

In the first and second waves of attacks, fighter jets, fighter helicopters and IDF aircraft struck Hamas terrorist sites.

In the third wave of attacks, Hamas and GAP terrorist targets were attacked, including Hamas and GAP terrorist ammunition manufacturing sites and military complexes, one of which was the residence of the Hamas terrorist camp commander.

Last night's IDF attack in the Gaza Strip recorded

In addition, as part of the last day of attacks, the IDF attacked the group's military intelligence agency and defeated approximately 15 of its operatives. In addition, IDF tanks and aircraft attacked other terror targets, including two offensive terror tunnels near the fence.

IDF spokesman Brig. Gen. Hedi Gilberman noted, "Our attacks are only at the beginning of the road, we have a strong day ahead of us, and the work we did tonight will continue directly and continuously." We will charge a price."

The terrorist group Hamas intends to place its military assets in the heart of the civilian population in the Gaza Strip. The IDF has taken precautions in its military activities to minimize harm to civilians.

The terrorist organization Hamas is responsible for all incidents inside and outside the Gaza Strip and will bear the consequences of actions taken against the Israeli state and its citizens.


As of last night, Hamas had fired about 200 missiles from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory. An IDF spokesman added: "About a third of the rockets fired by Hamas landed in the Gaza Strip. This is an unusual number and shows that Hamas has gone on a rampage."

Dozens of rockets were intercepted by anti-aircraft fighters. The "Home Front Command" guidelines distributed in the media must be updated in a timely manner, and instructions from the security team and IDF working in the field must be followed.

The IDF will increase its presence in the Southern Command to prepare for all scenarios and will continue its efforts against Hamas and other groups. Brig. Gen. Zilberman said, "We are prepared for any large-scale escalation of the overall situation, and we expect to be hit hard, and we will not stop until that happens."

Recorded Attack on Hamas Battalion Commander's Residence

23:20 - The IDF attacked a number of terror targets of the Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip in the past few hours.

Among the targets attacked: a terror attack tunnel in the Gaza Strip, two rocket launchers, two military positions and eight terrorists of the Hamas terror group.

Currently, there have been approximately 150 firings from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory. Air defense fighters have intercepted dozens of launches.

19:57- IDF spokesman Brigadier General Hedi Zilberman said: "We consider the joint shooting of envelopes and anti-tank fire in Jerusalem a serious incident that will not pass in silence."

The IDF spokesman added: "Hamas is clearly fanning the winds of Jerusalem and Gaza." The operation was widespread."

Brigadier General Gilberman said, "We will continue to add to our forces and engage in a continuous dialogue with the authorities' heads as an important component of our capabilities in the coming days."

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