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IDF Counterattack on Hamas Live Record 20210517

19:20 - As of 19:00, starting at 07:00, about 190 launches have been identified from the Gaza Strip to Israeli territory. About 25 launches fell in the Gaza Strip. Air defense fighters intercepted dozens of rockets according to the interception policy.

  • 18:59 - Fighter jets recently attacked the main Hamas of the Hamas terrorist organization's internal security organization in the Rimal neighborhood, in the northern Gaza Strip. The Hamas is a key Hamas terrorist infrastructure, from which the organization's military intelligence operatives operate.

The Chief of Staff of the Internal Security of the Hamas terrorist organization, Rimal

Documentation of the attack on the main infantry of the Hamas terrorist organization, Rimal


18:00 - Fighter jets and aircraft thwarted five terrorist operatives who were preparing to launch rockets into Israeli territory. In addition, IDF aircraft attacked another operational shaft of the terrorist organization's combat tunnel in the northern Gaza Strip, six underground rocket launching stations and 10 ground launching stations throughout the Gaza Strip.

  • 15:41 - Fighting planes attacked a tunnel shaft located in the house of a Hamas operative in the northern Gaza Strip.

Attacking a tunnel shaft in the house of a Hamas operative


14:07 - This is the eighth day of Operation Wall Guard. After assessing the situation of the Chief of Staff, the IDF continues to attack. "There is a focus on three groups - the first is seniors and activists, the second is infrastructure - underground targets, government goals, active houses focusing on battalions and commanders, and the third is weapons - a steep route on its various types and special means," Dover said. IDF, Brigadier General Hedi Zilberman. Two incidents have occurred in the last few hours and one during the night: a thwarting of the northern Gaza brigade commander in the GAP, the thwarting of an unmanned naval vessel, and underground attacks - Hamas' metro

  • 13:58 - Sea Arm fighters and aircraft thwarted a vehicle suspected of being a submarine naval weapon, which was apparently on its way to carry out hostile terrorist activity. Navy fighters have in recent days identified suspicious movements in the northern Gaza Strip and near the assets of Hamas' naval force, and have been following a number of operatives of the force and their movements in the area. They attacked the operatives and the weapons in order to thwart the threat.

Frustration of an unmanned diver vessel in the northern Gaza Strip


  • "At 12:58 a.m. Zilberman. The brigade he commanded until a few hours ago focuses on the shooting in Sderot, and is responsible for firing the rockets in the two weeks prior to the operation. "The thwarting was complex, and was carried out using fighter jets," he continues. Abu-Harbid has been the organization's commander for more than 15 years, and is responsible for a number of anti-tank attacks, including the attack on the first day of the operation, in which a civilian was lightly wounded. IDF.

Frustration of Hassam Abu-Harbid, commander of the northern Gaza Strip brigade in the terrorist organization GAP.


  • 09:25 - As of 07:00: As of 19:00 last night, about 60 launches were identified from Gaza to Israel. About 10 launches fell in the Gaza Strip. Air defense fighters intercepted dozens of rockets according to the interception policy.

  • 08:17 - A 'Metro' C attack was carried out in the northern Gaza Strip, in which about 35 terrorist targets were attacked within a time span of about 20 minutes. The attack was carried out by 54 fighter jets using about 110 accurate munitions. During this attack, about 15 km of terrorist tunnels were attacked.

A wave of attacks against Hamas' metro


  • 06:14 - Fighter jets attacked a tunnel shaft belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization in the southern Gaza Strip, which is located near a kindergarten and mosque. The attack was carried out while taking precautions as much as possible, in order to reduce possible harm to civilians.

Attack on a Hamas tunnel shaft

In the photo: the opening of the terrorist tunnel, near a kindergarten and mosque

  • 05:31 - Fighter jets and aircraft attacked nine Hamas headquarters throughout the Gaza Strip. The houses attacked were used as terrorist infrastructure and some of the houses even contained weapons depots. Military infrastructure for conducting combat was attacked in the house in charge of military intelligence of the Hamas terrorist organization in Sajaiya.

Attack on the homes of Hamas commanders who served as terrorist infrastructure

  • 01:52 - Fighter jets are now carrying out an extensive attack on terrorist targets throughout the Gaza Strip.

  • 00:45 - In a joint effort of the ICT and Cyber Defense Division, the Intelligence Division and the Air Force, a compound of Hamas military intelligence was attacked.

Attack on a Hamas military intelligence compound


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