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Terrorist Groups in Gaza Are Attacking Israel

"We are in a fight on several fronts: Jerusalem, Gaza and elsewhere in the country. This evening, on Jerusalem Day, the terrorist organizations in Gaza have crossed a red line and attacked us with missiles in the outskirts of Jerusalem.

"We are currently witnessing violent disturbances in Jerusalem under the influence of agitators.

Following is an excerpt from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's remarks, today (Monday, 10 May 2021), at the main Jerusalem Day ceremony at Ammunition Hill:

Israel will respond with great force. We will not tolerate attacks on our territory, on our capital, on our citizens and on our soldiers. Whoever attacks us will pay a heavy price.

I say to you, citizens of Israel, the current conflict could continue for some time. We do not seek escalation but whoever chooses to escalate will feel the weight of our arm. I cannot tell you about the assessments that I am holding with the security elements or about the actions that we are carrying out. This is an uncompromising fight that stems from a view of the overall picture. We are waging it with determination, responsibility and understanding.

We will not fall into the traps of our enemies and we are not beholden to the keyboards of Twitter users. The test of leadership requires that the right decisions be made even when they are not understood at any given moment and their justification becomes clear later on.

Whoever is incapable of leading and withstanding the pressure of criticism is unfit for leadership. We will carefully choose the timing of our response and the force of the confrontation with our enemies. This is not new."

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