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who are we?

In many parts of the world, people still live in virgin forests. They have rough characters, barbaric conduct, numb conscience, and dark souls! They have only interests in their eyes and selfish desires in their hearts. Although they are not animals, they live completely like beasts!

We are a group of people who pursue faith, truth, morality, and the legal system. Among them, faith, rule of law, freedom and the right to speak are the most basic life rights of a person. Without these, you will be far away from freedom! Because these factors are just like air and water are very important to us humans! In order to have all of this, we do not hesitate to reject all social injustices, we oppose unspoken rules, oppose corrupt officials, and insist on opposing all things that violate the rule of law!

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Global Faith Center, Cultural Center, Innovation Center-Welcome to Israel! Israel has made a great contribution to the world. It not only brings faith and hope to mankind, but also brings culture and civilization to the world! Israel is a magical and beautiful place! You are welcome to download the app to watch the Israel News Channel, thank you for your support!


In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus Christ commanded his disciples to shine and be salt. Why shine? Because the world is full of darkness, darkness covers the earth, the world is empty and chaotic, especially in the social value of the supremacy of money, many people would rather give up morality, dignity, and bottom line for profit; leaving the truth of the Bible can only be extremely painful! So believers must rise up and shine in the world! Why make salt? Because the world has abandoned the truth, the soul and values are seriously distorted, causing many people to be irritable, hateful, bitter, cruel, and war bullying! To make salt in the world for Christians is to restore the original harmonious relationship between man and God, just as Jesus Christ restores the harmonious relationship between man and God!


What does the world say? What do you and me say? Is there a standard in this world to illustrate beliefs and culture? With a benchmark, we will not be confused, and with a standard, we will not be alone! An encyclopedia that tells the truth and tells the facts!

​Spirit Fruit Encyclopedia-Fruit of Hope!

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