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UPDATE - IDF Strikes Dozens of Terror Targets Across Gaza Strip

08:58 - During the night, the IDF attacked dozens of terrorist targets throughout the Gaza Strip.


Fighter jets and aircraft attacked a large number of rocket launchers and underground launchers, including a multi-barreled launcher, from which the rockets were fired in the direction of Jerusalem on the first day of the operation, and a number of terrorist squads that were on their way to launch rockets were thwarted. Among other things, a Hamas post containing an anti-tank launcher in Beit Jabalya was also attacked.

Attack on rocket launchers


In addition, a Hamas tunnel shaft was attacked on the shoreline of a hotel in the northern Gaza Strip, operational apartments of Hamas naval activists and two apartments of commanders in the Tel Elhua and Beit Lehi organizations, which served as terrorist infrastructure and some of which were used in previous rounds.


The operational office of the head of Hamas security forces in Ramel and significant weapons depots of terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip were also attacked, some of which housed paratroopers intended to be used for air infiltration and one of which housed Hamas air force equipment.

Attack on Hamas operational apartments

07:52 - As of 7:00, starting at 19:00 last night, about 200 launches have been identified from the Gaza Strip to Israeli territory. About 30 launches fell in the Gaza Strip. Air defense fighters intercepted more than 100 rockets under the interception policy.


05:53 - A fighter jet attacks a Hamas military intelligence site in the northern Gaza Strip.

  • 04:36 - Aircraft attacked TMS launchers and two Hamas terrorist squads in the Gaza Strip.

  • 04:23 - Aircraft attacks Hamas rocket launchers in Khan Yunis and Gaza City.

  • 02:29 - Fighter jets and aircraft attacked rocket launchers and other underground launchers of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

  • 01:04 - Fighter jets and aircraft attacked three Hamas underground launch sites in the northern Gaza Strip.



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